Condolence & Memory Journal

I wish to say that I deeply regret hearing of Woody's passing. To the family prayers and faith knowing that you will see her again, with said it is never easy to let our loved ones go... I want to thank her and Bob for letting our family share in the such good times and the many memories I will carry with me always. Her bright shining blue eyes so quick to smile and her grace, she was truly one of a kind and I am so happy to have known her. I feel that all of the kids up there are having a ball and I will join the party as well.. till then..xox Liz Ann Fauley

Posted by Elizabeth Ann Fauley - Garland, TX - Woody was my Dads cousin   June 24, 2015

Woody was truely one of a kind. One special time in memory was when Bill and I along with Jeanie and Shockey went to NJ for Curt and Desra Richmond's wedding. She met us at the airport and hosted our entire trip. She drove us into New York, took us to Broadway, handed us tickets to "On Your Toes" and told us how to find our way back. It was so fun and crazy. I had barely ever been ANYWHERE and never flown on a plane or been out of the backyard playground. She seemed so smart and worldly to me and I have never met anyone like her. About six months later I discovered dinner rolls and butter in the pocket of Shockey's little sport jacket. Woody taught him where to reserve his roll and butter while he was getting his food at Curt's wedding. All the reunions come into mind.. Freddie Brooks and Woody wondering if they would ever get to sit at the grown-up table. Bob and Woody as newlyweds so sweet and racing each other to the mailbox like little kids at The Abbey. We know she will be sadly missed by her family but we were all so enriched to have had her in our lives. What a Gal! Our Sympathy and Love, Bill and Marilyn Snyder

Posted by Bill & Marilyn Snyder - Wheeling, WV - Cousin (Bill)   June 05, 2015

I have many wonderful, fond memories of Woody. She used to keep fireball candy in a jar in her kitchen. She got my Yaya to stop smoking. Woody babysat my brother and me when my parents went on a two week trip and she taught me how to play gin rummy. She made the best dill pickles I have ever had in my entire life (I still have not found a better dill pickle than the ones she brined and canned). She kept our extended families together by organizing family reunions. Woody was always hospitable and there was never a time I would talk to her when she wouldn't say, "When are you going to come see me?" If you ever wanted an honest opinion about anything, you could turn to Woody. I remember how much she loved her dog, Sadie. I used to make her tell me the story of Tikki Tikki Tembo over and over when I was a little girl. Woody was dearly loved and will be greatly missed. I'm sorry I am unable to attend the memorial services. I will be thinking of your family and Woody's bright spirit. Much love.

Posted by Audrey Faust Randall - Austin, TX - First cousin, once removed   June 03, 2015

When I think of "Mrs. Shirley", I think of my entire childhood which was primarily spent shuttling between 25 The Ridge and 3 The Ridge. I also think of the great fried chicken she made and the buttered popcorn she gave me and Margaret as we went to one of the 1,000's of bad movies we loved so much. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen - with the piercing blue eyes only one piece of the pie. I also loved her "straight to the point" attitude and the patiece she displayed as Margaret and I sat inside on beautiful days reading bad novels for hours...and hours...and hours...and hours without saying a word. I'll miss you, Woody Shirley!

Posted by Carol Campbell - New York, NY - Family Friend   May 13, 2015